Expanding Presence in Chile’s Second Largest Metro Area to Solve Greater Area Transportation Gaps

Thanks to the success Frog has had over the past few months in Chile’s second largest city, Concepcion’s neighboring community of Talcahuano is inviting the sustainable micro-mobility solutions company to help them solve the transportation gaps between the universities and workplaces in the Concepcion metro area.

Talcahuano is a main port city and an important commercial and manufacturing center located 14km north of Concepcion. It is an important commercial and manufacturing center to the area around Concepcion. Many who live in Talcahuano choose to commute to Concepcion. So much so that during the work week, Concepcion’s daytime population expands to nearly one million residents. With traffic congestion and pollution impacting the innovation hub and no other means of transportation besides cars and buses, Frog has entered as an alternative that is an environmental lifesaver to the Bio Bío region.

“Concepcion’s residents have been very excited about our Frogs, especially since they help them avoid driving or taking the bus during rush hour, which has been a welcomed relief for commuters,” said Vanessa Delapiazza, Chile’s country manager for Frog. “We have been hearing excitement from neighboring cities like Talcahuano who are anxious to have Frog available to them as well.”

Frog partnered with the city of Concepcion to deploy its commercial grade, heavy duty scooters. It began with 100 units, quickly increasing to 400. By the end of October, the brand has over 1,000 scooters in the city. The fast expansion is also taking a leap to those neighboring areas. Starting this month, Frog is bringing its solution to Talcahuano with 150 scooters as the initial fleet, bringing the total scooters in the overall area to over 1,000 scooters.

“Concepcion is proof that micro-mobility was a much needed solution for this region,” said Dellapiazza. “Expanding the brand and allowing access for over 1.2 million people in Concepcion and Talcahuano is a testament to the functionality and practicality that Frogs bring to areas with transportation challenges.”

As Frog amplifies its presence in the Concepcion metro area, it will continue to help educate the locals on proper use and responsible riding by holding responsible rider sessions on the weekends.

Like the other cities where Frog operates in Chile, Frog is the exclusive scooter operator for Concepcion and Talcahuano, which has given the company a viable business approach to model as it continues to expand to other countries around the world.

Since Frog is strategically integrated from designing its scooters all the way to managing them in each city where it operates, the company controls the management of its fleets with local staff. Frog’s owner/operator model ensures local management is empowered to keep the scooters running with maximum efficiency and while having an active presence to address transportation needs in partnership with municipalities.

“Frog brings a win-win solution to the area as the scooter helps to decrease air pollution while bringing efficiency to transportation, which are goals we set forth when we launched in Chile earlier last year,” added Dellapiazza. “Plus, since we are locals running Frog here in Chile, the riders who choose to use our eco-friendly electric scooters support the local economy.”