The Rapid Growth of the Scooter Commuter

In this interview, we're speaking with Pedro Guedes, representing the Frog scooter brand.

To quote from Frog's website, "As climate change, rapid urbanization, and population growth continue to challenge our world’s cities, Frog is on a mission to encourage and equip cities to Leap Forward toward a sustainable future."

Frog as a company has a carbon-neutral supply chain and gives back 1% to sustainable nonprofits because they believe in their mission in moving towards more sustainable ways of living. Going green and leaping forward to a more sustainable future suddenly make it clear where Frog got its name from.

Check out the Q&A below where Pedro discusses scooter usage, growth, and sustainability.

How did Frog get started?

The genesis of Frog was basically that it started with the growth of the shared scooter rental business and Frog had a very clear path in terms of distinguishing itself from recent competitors. From the get-go, Frog had a vertical integration, which means they produced their own scooter model. It was essential that the form factor had a competitive edge.

What makes Frog unique?

First of all, this an industry that’s been moving really fast. The first company started out in Santa Monica and then suddenly spreading to new countries around the world.

It terms of competitiveness, we’ve received great feedback from the beginning when we launched here in Lisbon- we launched at the same day, same time in Chile and South America. I mean, the feedback was amazing. It was clear that our model was the most secure model out there and this gave confidence to people.

Since the beginning, we had a strong push in terms of organizing our operations so that our scooter would fit into the city and be part of the city, not just something that would impact the “harmony” of the city. We pushed for a good and robust vehicle with safety above all.

Thinking back, what’s one of your biggest accomplishments?

It’s been an uphill battle. A lot of effort went into showing people that our solution works. We also had the opportunity to boost local businesses. We did partnerships, coworking spaces, special prices to local shoppers. This is about going from point A to point B and if you can get a reward, that’s even better. Being a part of the community, people received us with open arms surprisingly.